Cultural Heights

Cairns Performing Arts Centre , Cairns

A Legacy of Traditional Language and Song The power of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities of Far North Queensland entwined in a legacy of traditional language and song, sung in Gunggandji, Yidinji, Yalanji, Guugu Yimithirr, Meriam Mir and Kulkalgal Ya.

Audiences will be culturally immersed in traditional forms of singing rarely heard outside the community environment, performed in the soaring acoustic setting of the new Cairns Performing Arts Centre.

This ground breaking stage production is creatively produced by three Choir Directors, to develop a repertoire that has both cultural, historical and contemporary significance. Resulting in the reimagining of songs, sung in language, to reveal that Far North Queensland's First Peoples' culture is seamless, as it continues to adapt and evolve.

Bama Choir Director: Deline Briscoe

Kalkulgal Choir Director: Phillemon Mosby

Mer Ira Watai Choir Director: Joey Tapau

Videographer: Victor Steffensen